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Switched from YUI Compressor to clean-css

Today I have just released a new version of cssminifier.com which uses a different minifier in the backend.

Prior to today I was using the JavaScript version of the YUI compressor but I realised that the JavaScript version was no longer in the repository. I guess it is no longer supported. In the past, I had to update the code for this manually since it wasn't in npm and whilst it was okay, it was slightly painful.

To ease this manual procedure I decided to use something straight out of the box from npm. After installing a few different packages and trying them out, I settled on using clean-css by GoalSmashers. It's a very well written library and it has lots of tests. But the most important thing is that it's a library that is supported and frequently updated - which is great news! Thanks to the GoalSmashers team for producing such an awesome library and an important part of the npm and node.js ecosystem.

Another improvement is that clean-css also supports media queries so that's great news in today's mobile first world.

The difference between the old and new minifiers isn't much and whilst there might be a few bytes difference in the size, hopefully there won't be any major incompatibilites. clean-css tries to be faster but I didn't test it against the JS version of YUI Compressor.

Have fun and happy CSS'ing!

Tags: site-update css npm clean-css

Posted: 8 years ago