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PngCrush Arguments Changed

This Zoompf article is a great read on using pngcrush to get the most out of your images. It also fixes one of the main problems we've had with using it.

Previously on this site, we used the -brute option to pngcrush to get the maximum amount of crushiness (is that even a word?). But the main problem with this technique is that can take anywhere up to a minute or two. This process is also very CPU intensive and therefore we've had many server problems due to the strain on my (fairly small) server.

However, using the suggestion in that article, we've changed our arguments to pngcrush. They are now the following:

pngcrush -rem alla -nofilecheck -reduce -m 7 original.png crushed.png

We hope you like the new snappiness to crushing your images and thanks for continuing to use the server. (And please use the new social links that have now been added to the site!)

Tags: pngcrush site

Posted: 8 years ago