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New Examples Page

I've just added a new examples page so that I could get more in depth on how to use cssminifier.com from various programming languages. Currently there are examples of using curl, node.js, PHP and LWP Request with more to come.

This also minimises the stuff that it at the bottom of the homepage and just focuses on the main function of the site.

I'd love to get more examples in a language of your choice so send me something and I'll put it up. Toni Almeida sent me a link to a project he wrote called PHP JS CSS Minifier which is a PHP library which uses CSS Minifier and JavaScript Minifier to automatically minimise assets. He uses it prior to releasing to production. I have also linked to this project from the examples page.

Thanks for using CSS Minfiier and send any suggestions to @andychilton (and follow me too!). I'll keep trying to update the site with more stuff as time goes on, as well as more up to date code.

Have fun and happy CSS'ing!

Tags: site-update examples

Posted: 9 years ago