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Minify, Compress or Minimize CSS?

Many people search for many things when it comes to minifying CSS. I originally bought this domain since I thought cssminifier.com was a good one. It turns out that many people search for "css minify" or "css minifier".

However, not everyone thinks like me. It turns out that people search for a number of things. Let's take a look at this table which contains the past month's worth of queries in which cssminifier.com appeared in the top ten results, what position it appeared at and how many people clicked through.

As you can see, for some queries the CTR is quite high, but on others it's a lot lower - mainly because the user searched for "css " where is not "minify" or "minifier". e.g. "compress" where the site appears at position six, rather than one or two. There is only a CTR of 7% from that one! (Interestingly, I do okay for some typos such as "css minifer", since the CTR is 80%, though there are very few queries for it.)

I'm not going to analyse this too closely though but I'll leave the table here if you're interested.

Query Impressions Clicks CTR Avg. Position
css minify5,5003,50064%1.1
minify css6,5003,00046%2.3
css minifier3,0002,50083%1.0
minify css online60020033%2.9
css min40020050%1.8
minified css40020050%1.3
css minify online40017042%2.1
compress css1,6001107%6.6
minimize css70011016%4.1
how to minify css2009045%1.8
css minifier online2009045%2.5
min css1509060%1.5
css compressor1,300705%8.2
css minification1707041%1.9
css minified1107064%1.1
css compress900506%7.3
minifier css705071%1.1
compress css online1503523%3.4
online css minifier1503523%3.0
minificar css703550%2.3
online css compressor1503020%4.8
minimise css503060%2.6
css minifer353086%1.0
css minimize1102220%3.8
minifying css702231%2.4
css mini502244%1.3
online minify css352263%2.1
compress css files1101615%3.3
css minify tool301653%1.4
minfy css301653%2.2
css minifyer221673%1.0
css compressor online901213%4.8
deminify css701217%3.7
javascript minifier200<10-10
javascript minify200<10-10
minify online110<10-5.8
css compression110<10-8.5
js minify90<10-11
online minify90<10-5.7
online minifier70<10-6.2


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Posted: 9 years ago