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Initial Release

Welcome to a new webdev tool website to help you resize your images.

A Simple API

Image Resize has a simple API which allows you to programmatically resize images using 6 different resize methods. Take a look at the docs on the front page and you'll see that it's pretty easy to use.

A Friendly Resize Tool

Many people are not sure how they can resize images to send to their friends and family. With newer cameras images are getting bigger and bigger and therefore it takes longer and longer to attach images to email, or perhaps it doesn't let you attach them at all.

But now help is at hand. Just use this site to resize your images down to a more manageble level. For those sending photos to others, try out the percentage option with a percent of somewhere between 25-40%. That should bring both the image size down as well as the file size to make sending those pictures a lot easier.

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Posted: 8 years ago